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FireDean's Father was a rabid organic gardener before that was a thing. By age 8 he was propagating Azalea hybrids, hauling horse manure from a neighboring farm, building stone walls, as well as identifying and transplanting native shrubs, trees and perennials from the surrounding woods. To date he has designed and installed 100+ exterior landscapes and dozen or more greenwall interiors. His work has been featured in the press, won numerous 'Best of HOUZZ ' awards, and attracted a steady stream of high profile private and commercial projects. In '08 and again in 2009 he was contracted by The Brooklyn Botanic Garden to judge their popular 'Greenest Block' contest . When he's not running his garden business he teaches  Landscape Design both privately and at NYSID college in NYC via ZOOM.

Buried in the interwebs is the fact that he's also been a performing singer /songwriter for over 30 years.

John Killoran, Construction guru. Having begun his career as a set builder in Hollywood, John translated 20+ years design and carpentry experience into a successful construction company before joining forces with his long time friend FireDean.  'Killer' as we like to call him, is a  licenced general contractor with an above average aptitude for running complex projects. His presence on any job comes with a legacy of good will and a serene approach to everything he does. Every year he dissappears to India for a month. We have no idea where exactly.


Eric Anderson, Carpenter.. migrated to NY when his daughter was asked to join The Alvin Ailey Dance Company .  A licensed carpenter, bravely competent :-) electrician, and honest plumber; during the real estate boon he built entire homes from the ground up. That diverse set of skills and a heavy dose of mid-western charm, allow him to play lead on all the construction aspects of any project 

John Baxter isn't just a stand up guy, he's a rock.  As crew leader for many of our installations John's knack for keeping everyone focused and moving toward the finish line is invaluable.  In the 4 years he's been with us he has never had trouble inspiring  respect, and not just because he's 6', 5".

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